Get to know me Child Award 

Hello hello hello! 😄

I am feeling so excited to write this. This is the first time i am getting nominated for an award and i am feeling so priviliged to thank Mr.Nathprasad Dhanwat for creating this award.

This is a ‘Get to know me Child’ award and I am so thankful to my dear blogger friend Shayra for nominating me. It’s been few months on blogging and i am feeling so happy for achieving this. Every step leads to a destination.

Rules for the Nominees :

-Each nominee must thank the person who is nominated them and do credit to the creator of the tag
-Must post one of your childhood picture with your nickname
-Must reveal 5 funniest experiences of your childhood life
-Nominate 10 bloggers to do the award

Okay! Now I am confused in choosing the best picture.
Let’s get started.
I was a potato when I was under my mother’s care. In my society, we usually call a HEALTHY baby as ‘khate peety ghar k bache hain”. Now, as I am grown up and staying away from home, I have lost weight but I have gained belly fat.

I am smiling while looking at little me😍

I am already laughing while recalling my funny childhood.
☆Me and my brother, we both used to be very naughty. Once our mother was taking rest and we both decided to leave home. I was at the age of 6 and my brother was 10. We said mom are you going to wake up or should we leave. Mom was in deep sleep and she didn’t hear. We both took our bicycles out and headed towards the road. We were so confident. But then we realised where we have to go? Do we know any other person? We had shifted to this city just 2 years ago. We decided to go to our uncle’s home which was the only place we knew properly and it was almost 4 kilometres away from our home. Then we started feeling upset. We got scared. And I said ,”Brother ,I am hungry!”
He knew no one is gonna feed us other than mom. We came back home and mom was screaming and searching for us everywhere. And for this my brother was awarded. If you know what I mean!

☆I was a foodie. I am fond of kheer(an Indian sweet dish in which rice are cooked along with milk) since childhood. My mom gave me a bowl full of kheer and I was crying because the bowl was smaller than the pan in which it had been cooked. I wanted to have that much of kheer. I was still at the stage of crawling. Our house was in a village where food is cooked with all the arrangements on the floor. The pan in which the kheer was cooked, was lying on the floor as well. After some time, what all could see was my mouth inside that pan and my tongue licking the walls of pan.

☆I used to flaunt my mother’s undergarments in front of my grandparents. I had asked my grandfather many a times to wear a bra.

☆My brother is having grey hair since last 6-7 years and I am responsible for that. He is now 24. When I was a kid, i used to put all the oils and lotions and beauty products(from powder to bleach) in a bowl and mix them. Then this remedy was applied on his hairs.

☆I kept trying to sit at the scooter and as my height was too short to reach the seat, what all I remember is everyone running toward me and fallen scooter over me.

I always feel positive whenever I look at this smile.

There are many more to count but i am so excited that I don’t know which one i should be writing about.

I would love to nominate you all for this award because I believe there is always a kid in everyone’s heart. But just because this is my first time for this category and I don’t know about the rules, I will happily nominate-
☆ Rosinalee
☆akhil kumar

I wish I could add more. I love to read all the blogs from all of you guys.

In the last I would like to thank all of you friends for reading and liking my blogs. A huge thank to Shayra for giving me this opportunity. 


What do you think about life? What according to you is worth calling a LOSS or A GAIN? 

I feel life is just like a rainbow. Full of colors and happiness. You can enjoy its beauty only when it is there in the sky, hoping this beautiful curve staying there forever. When it gets washed off, we wish to enjoy it more. Life has some same kind of things. A curve with having ups and downs. Full of adventures and fun and smiles. To make others happy. To spread a smile on others face. You can enjoy the moments only at the right time. Once they are missed, you regret for not enjoying them. Different colors of happiness and sorrows. And they too get vanished after some time. Nothing is permanent. You have to live in the present moment only if you really want to know what life is.

People come and go through this life just like sliding on the rainbow curve. Some are there by your side and some are just watching the show holding cameras in their hands. The other category is one who are their In your heart and you just can’t have them by your side anyhow, no matter how hard you try. Still the rainbow makes everyone happy so as our life should be.
And there comes a thing called as EXPECTATIONS. We expect the rainbow would be there in the sky for lifetime but only the sun and the water drops know for how much time they have to hold this rainbow thing. Same thing happen in our lives. We expect a lot from this life. We expect our life to give us all the happiness and desires. The happening is dependent on our hard work though. But when life fails to fulfill our expectations, we face loss and gains.
According to me, LOSS is our life is only when we LOSS our own self. When you forget to live the life and you forget to enjoy it. These days in my life, I am experiencing a lot. I am not afraid of losing anything. I mean expect my family and my best friend. The ‘myself’ thing was so important to me and I just lost this. Most common reason of losing one thing is saving other. While saving the another, I lost mine. Weather the another thing was a smile which was the reason of my happiness. Even today I had a chance to save it, but I lost that. Again! Shit! I am not even afraid of losing my pet fishes anymore, because I know they have to leave me one day. I am not afraid of losing my friends, because i know some of them are octopus and are going to stick to me. I am not afraid of heartbreak because I am not left with any!
And the thing you can gain in this whole life is YOUR SELF. The pride for your own self. The happiness for your own self. No matter how hard you fall, you have to get up and fight again for your inner warrior. This is the only thing which has strong believe in you.
These were my views on how I see the life. I would love to know about your views too. Hope you all have enjoyed this.
Thank you for reading. 

A letter to my best friend

Dear friend,

You are staying so far away. A long distance of miles and miles between us and the timezone thing is just another bad thing. I am happy that you have finally chosen what is making you happy. Though you have a hard life there without family. You are the strongest teenager i know till date. It was just like your car is on the road with a lot of hurdles and you are going at the speed of 120. But you still managed to drive through. Now the difference is that you at going at the speed of 20 when you see the hurdles. It’s been 3 years since I have met you and now I can’t wait to hug you. You are younger than me but still have treated me like your little sister. A wise girl with beauty and brains. I hope you have started crying when your heart feels heavy. I remember you had never told me about what you had been going through and I had ever seen a single drop of tears even when you wanted to cry out loud. I have put you in the worst conditions and you have never complained me about anything. You are still by my side. You never judge me whatever the shit i do. You are my rock. I still feel sorry for what I’ve done with you. I still feel guilt for that day. But I promise you I will give you those happy days back. I wish all the happiness for you. I can give you mine too. But I won’t give you my food. Ok!
You are growing so fast and being pretty day by day. I am proud of you. I know I have helped you to take some better decisions but you were the one to follow the right path.
I have some good friends here but I need you. I need you badly. No one can replace you. You are stupid but i know you love me so much. I just want to feel that comfort in your arms again. My new friends are good and I can share my life too with them. But you are just you. Even with the timezone thing and the difference of days and nights, we still have shared the shit out of things. You have seen me at my worst and at my best. You know all the mistakes I have done and all the regrets I have made. You know what I am going through these days.
I love you and I miss you so much. Waiting eagrly to meet you.
With regards,
Your old school friend.


Happy 70th independence day to India! 
70 years ago India gained its independence after 89 years of direct british rule, and 345 years of British presence in India. Today we say happy independence day, but 70 years ago people living in Punjab and Bengal were confused on what it meant that the two states were divided between India and the newly born Pakistan. My grandmother (bebe) was 12 years at the time, and lived in a village called Bholewala in Punjab, in today´s Pakistan. She lived in a mostly sikh-village and heard from her family that others from the village were moving over to India. My great- grandmother was alone with four children, but lived with the rest of my great-grandfather´s family. She didn´t think it was a good time to move. They had a lot of work to do with the wheat they had harvested, they still had to wash it. Battles between muslims on the one hand and sikhs and hindus on the other started to be common. Once my bebe´s brother were in the field, a muslim boy put him to the ground. My great- grandmother saw it, and stopped them. Several times they experienced that theives stole some of their animals. The family then decided to leave, but my great- grandmother and one of my bebe´s uncles decided to stay back. They didn´t think the rest were moving permanently. My bebe was put on a carriage with buffaloes (majjh) with her other siblings the night they decided to leave.  When they arrived to the neighbour village, which was a dominantly muslim village, some men stood in the way and said they will kill them all. Then the men who said that recognized some of the older women in the group of my bebe. They started calling them “puji” (nickname of bhua Ji, meaning aunt). They had played at their houses, so they respected them. The men came along with their group and followed them through their village. They walked for another day and arrived safely over to the Indian border. When they crossed the border, they arrived to Rajasthan, and not to Punjab. The next night, after a whole day of walking, they arrived in a village called Arain were they settled. In Bholewala, Pakistan, my great- grandmother and my bebe´s uncle got to hear from people passing on their way to India, that they also should leave. They decided to leave two days later and brought some of the other buffaloes with them. My great- grandmother were seperated from my bebe´s uncle on the way, and knitted a turban of her chunni (scarf that follows an indian dress) in an attempt to look like a man. Maybe she thought she was safer if she did that, but my bebe is telling that she was very scared and cried a lot. She was calling on some children if they had seen a man and mentions the name of the uncle, he heard it himself and they were reunited on the way. They reached to the same village as my bebe, and built their lives up from the ground there. 
Written with the help of my dear cousin sister. We love you alot Nani ❤. We have seen the tears rolling down her cheeks while telling all these happenings. God bless everyone ❤.


So happy after breaking my self into pieces that i can’t sleep now
That night of wiping my tears on the pillow cover and the very next day wearing a smile

The wide smile without any reason that i am waiting for the pause

This happiness is hurting me and my body is numb to feel the pain

I had no expectations then why the hell my feelings were considered as a fucking favour

I had no desires to be his love when i knew i love him a lot

Words do cut deeper than a knife

That true happiness was still there even after the ignorance

But I feel this happiness more soothing now

It’s 3 am and I am still trying to cry

But the tears are not anymore there in my eyes

There is no fault of you my love but it is me who can’t bear the pain

You were the only one who has seen each and every part of my soul and my body

It is hard to forget the memories

The touch is the reason why can’t I get over you

I want to cry , my heart feels heavy

It’s being annoying for you I know

But I just can’t say this to you

I remember being there with you in your bad days

Saying anything just so you don’t feel alone

Right now while watching movies and having look at the kissing lips

I felt the loneliness

How alone I am with no one around me to share my heart

Everyone scolds me for saying what I feel

I think this is the time to find myself again after losing everything

I miss my home too and the current cheating of my dad over my mum

I want to tell this to you but you won’t care

I need myself now. Just to listen to me

I want to enjoy this happiness with myself


Gufatgu aisi hui unse k dubara na bol paye hum,

Khushi to nahi hai aur dard bhi nai hai kam!
Yaad hain lamhe jo soche they ek sath bitane ko,
Gaur nahi kiya kabhi k bhool chuke hain wo!
Muskurahat hi thi jo mangi thi humne unse
Deedaar bhi manzoor na hua jaane kya khta hui humse!
Khush rahein wo dua toh yahi karege,
Tere zehan me bhale hi hum na zinda rahege!
Bhool to nahi payege hui hai is dil se jo khta,
Kyu kr diya yeh ae dil ab tuhi bta!
Nahi dikhege kbhi aansu tujhe is haste chehre k peeche pta hai mujhe,
Jaan le tu bhi yeh k umeed k diye nahi hain abhi bujhe!
Alwida kehte hai tujhe is haste chehre k sath,
Jude they kabhi, na ab milenge kabhi yeh haath !


Mai mushkil se sambhlugi, tum phir has doge !

Nazrein hta k chlugi, phir nigah ban jaoge !

Tumhe dekh k aah bharugi, tum dard samjh k phir chale jaoge ! 

Marham ki aas nahi karti,tum namak ki chutki leke phir milne aaoge!

Zikar to kabhi kiya hi nai is mohabbat ka, tum they hi nahi to wapis kya aaoge ! 

Mai phir us muskurahat pe fida ho jaugi, tum phir hasna chod doge 

Mai phir Jazbaat likhugi, aur tum phir unko Alfaaz samajh k chale jaogey !

Foreign Fantasy

​I know you are tired. I know you don’t need me anymore. I know you don’t feel anything. 

I know you are searching for silver waves in a moon less night. 

Have you ever felt that sour throat after crying with dry eyes? That wrenching of heart? That’s the thing about hearts, they Always come under the heaviest rocks and are ripped into pieces by the sharpest knives.

I want to hear the things you are scared to tell yourself. I want to feel the laughs which are even more happier when you are with me. I want to cry and wipe all the sadness along with the tears rather than having that sour throat. I want the send you the texts which I type with all my heart and press backspace because I don’t want you to know how bad it feels when you give someone the good taste of lips and then sprinkle salt over the bite you give on them with your teeth.

You are not a bird trapped in a cage. You are a bird with broken wings. And with broken wings, you can fly the highest. Like a tree standing alone in the desert with all its greenery and not losing the hope to feel the droplets of the rain.

It’s funny when the dreams you spent sleepless nights dwelling on become a foreign fantasy in some strange land.


His eyes were filled with water. I just had a glimpse of his current situation. Ì really don’t know what had happened in his past that might have forced him to stand in the thunderstorm and sell small things. The small things which most of the people wouldn’t buy. The people which are bound to “status symbol” thing. And the people like me won’t buy because of the thought what will my friends say. And some will not buy saying I don’t need it.
All what he was in need was, few pieces of paper. The paper with some digits on it. And a bald man as it’s value. That piece of paper which is called as RUPEE in India.

There was a rush of cars, busses, people and the shopkeepers. And there was a rush of a piece of paper in my mind which I hadn’t struggled to get, yet!
He was almost 60 in his age. While managing the stuff in his hands, he was requesting every person to buy something. I have seen many other people in the same condition, But have never seen anyone with wet eyes.

I too passed by along with my friends as everyone else did. A silence is still screaming in my mind. The silence of a common man, which is suppressed by value of a Paper.



That was a soft touch.A touch without actual contact with two bodies.The touch that was close to my soul.A touch which gave me goosebumps.

He was lying beside me.His body was so warm to make me feel cozy.His sparkling eyes were all what you need to see the whole world.While asking me to look another side,he kissed my forehead.Sometimes you can’t express your feelings in words and you’re left with a smile in moist eyes! He was sleeping a few moments after that and i was still lying my head on his chest.His hands were covering my head.I kept staring at his face the whole time.The time when you look at your love in between the moments of making love is just the time when you find him more adorable.It is beyond my words to explain about him.He is adorable.He is amazing in his own way.But I just can’t even tell him anymore!

He smiled when he looked me staring at him.He was little unconscious.He was in deep sleep.Then he opened his eyes and lifted me up.My eyes were getting closed as i was going close to his warm breath.He just gave me a silent look and touched my lips with his fingers.The two hearts had joined marathon in few microseconds.A silence in the room was making the dark room more romantic.All what audible was breaths.The breaths that were more louder than a alarm that wakes you up from deep sleep.

Eyes got closed.His lips hugged mine.We were close to each other in a way that even air couldn’t pass through.A kiss that lasted for about 5 minutes.His taste was what i loved more than kheer! A sudden kiss had forced us to smile.He was smiling and his dizzy eyes were making me fall in love with that moment.He slept again and my heart was singing the song which i always dedicate to him-

“Baby you light up my world like nobody else

The way you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed

but when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell

You don’t know you’re beautiful !

If only you saw what I can see

You’ll understand why I want you so desperately

You don’t know oh ohh

You don’t know you’re beautiful !”

And then I started to utter something.The thing which is still in my mind.I still want to tell him when he will listen,when he will understand.My fingers were running across his hairs.”I know you don’t like talking to me sometimes.But It’s okay.I know you don’t want to share your silence.I know you don’t want to explain the things.I know things break you down sometimes.But I’m always there. I’ve stopped texting you,just so I don’t want to annoy you. Bacha, but I’m just a call away whenever you feel down.I am just behind you to catch you when you feel like falling.I just wait for you all the way.But just if you want to let me in!”

Meanwhile my heart was beating like someone is knocking at the door.It was in actual a door knock.It was 8 AM and I was late for my first day of summer training.I woke up and then again my head was so heavy after realizing that it was a dream.AGAIN! I picked up my phone and checked.He still hasn’t seen my messages.

I am sorry but I told you ‘If only you saw what I can see,You’ll understand why I want you so desperately!’.He is not there with me when I need him but I can feel his presence in my dreams.And this night,there is a question,should I sleep or not? because my mind needs a rest now!