FB_IMG_1458448754135He was numb that night.She was getting touched,grabbed by another person whom she was not allowing to.No screems were louder than hers’.What happens after this is still not known to me.Being a kid,I had to stay away from all of this.

Today even when I’m grown up,still have no idea of that incident.Never I tried to ask her.’SHE’ the one who suffered a lot of pain to give me birth.’HE’ the one without whom help,my implantion in her womb was not possible.

He had no time for his family.His wife was beautiful and amazing and most important,was a working lady(and he was proud of this). I wonder how people can live without loving their partners.They both were working.At night,she kept waiting for him to come and make up.Every bride has a dream to get loved and cared and those cuddles

The snores were no more in that room another day.He was alive but had forgotten to take another breath.Dark circles were there below her ‘once’ beautiful eyes within this one year.She kept shaking his arms just to remind to take another breath.She was sleepless.She needed rest.She was tired.She was pregnant.

It took a long time for her to get this thing that he is addicted to something else than her.She screamed.She cried.She begged.But there was no one to listen.Fights,Arguments and there he left the home leaving behind his 8 months pregnant wife.

The drama still continues even when it’s 26 years.

She was alone because of his addiction to drugs.She is still alone.Broken.But still strong.

The addiction of  SMILE  is a drug to me.If the name of drugs makes me feel scared, then THAT SMILE is the thing which scares me the most.It’s tough to get out of the addictions.And you crave for some drugs ,  get addicted to them and  then nothing lefts behind.


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