There is no death certificate.There is no dead body.But there is a dead soul.A death that no one else can feel.A death for which she still wants to cry aloud but is unable to.

He asked her for her nudes.She denied.

‘You don’t love me.’

‘I do.’

‘That’s it. We’re not going to talk anymore.You don’t trust me.You don’t love me.’

‘What is the point! Is nudes is the only thing which can prove my loyalty for you! ‘

‘You’re mine. I’ve right to see each and every part of your body.’

The silence blazed away for next two weeks.She didn’t want to lose him.And She didn’t want to fulfill his this demand too.There was no single touch she had felt till then.It was confusing her.

That night she shouldn’t have done what she did.He felt happy.He was demanding more,the photos including her face and full body.She denied completely. She should have done this early. But that happened.

She thought he has started her loving more since that night.But no one knows the truth!

The flashbacks are such a bad thing that you need a cup of tea to keep your mind calm.

The another day,her  brother comes with her  phone and asks to unlock her phone’s FILES folder.You better know what happens to your body when you haven’t deleted the files that can ruin your image.He started asking about those photos with disappointed face.She felt an earthquake for that instance. She was unable to digest this thing.The understanding brothers are pillar for your soul.He helped her to be normal again,gave her water and asked her to talk some other time.

At night,she was sitting.The brother came and asked her again.I don’t know what is the problem with some girls that they take the whole blame on themselves  and don’t even reveal the name of the boy.Fuck! He thought that her sister is just excited about SEX and tried to fulfill her urge as he didn’t want his sister to be used.After regular intervals,she was getting touched here and there,for which she was so ashamed that she didn’t even want to face anyone.But she was silent,because of her own MISTAKE! She was afraid of dark.A dark that wakes up the monsters inside humans and kill the souls!

She told him that her brother got to know about the photos.There was ‘LET IT BE!’ in answer.The heart was no more available to get hurt.

She learned to live with a smile since that day as she was unable to hide the pain.Things no more hurt her.She has nothing left to explain.But she has a hope that she never loses.

She loves a smile that gives her the reason to believe in good.She had a past but she doesn’t live there anymore!


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