A Wound

I always blamed myself for that wound.A wound that lasted for about 20 years.

It was just the time when I was about to come to this world.She was happy that she is having a baby girl in her womb.A wide smile with those sparkling eyes was all there what anyone could see at that time.But he was in shock with the news.May be the reason was not having any sister!

It appeared just a few weeks after this.A painful blister was there on the his single foot.The single foot that was alive.You can say another foot, in fact the leg  as dead,as there was no leg.An accident had crushed many dreams of running on his on own feet.The pain of losing your single hope is just the worst!

That turned the life of a young man into a suffering man.A dose of strong pills was all what he helped him.That blister had turned into a wound that was spread all over his feet till the toes and half of his left leg.A wound with no idea of it’s origin.When you don’t know the reason,you can’t find a solution.

I was born.So many wide smiles with a lot of flowers and sugar welcomed me.I guess that’s why i’m so in love with sugar till date.

I had always seen him screaming in the pain for one or another reason.It was about 12-13 years,there was no cure to that.I thought it appeared just because I was coming to his life.So many skin grafting were done to cover that area.But to cover that area,a wide area of healthy skin was required every time.For which his high was used and anesthesia didn’t work there.How would you feel when someone will scratch your skin from your body with sharp blades?

That still continued to spread.The depth was till the bone you could see.He never listened and continued taking drugs that were harmful to that wound.

The day he fell on the bed,the day that wound started healing.He was no more able to walk, to talk, to listen, to eat.. you can add your daily needs here.It’s been 2 years since then and that wound is healed leaving some blisters there that marks it’s presence till now.That was the time when i had left the home for my studies.I again believed that I was a bad luck to him and now he’ll get well soon.And somewhere it is true! It happened!

I am afraid to get close to him now.Don’t want him to suffer anymore.I know it might be just a illusion in my mind,But just for my own satisfaction I do that.

Some wounds don’t heal.The wounds that are deep inside your heart.All what your need to heal those wounds is SMILES and LOVE!FB_IMG_1464932072213



2 thoughts on “A Wound

    1. Thankyou so much darling 😍 this means alot alot aloot to me. This inspires me to write more 💓
      Thankyou so much for giving me and my words this much of love🤗


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