That was a soft touch.A touch without actual contact with two bodies.The touch that was close to my soul.A touch which gave me goosebumps.

He was lying beside me.His body was so warm to make me feel cozy.His sparkling eyes were all what you need to see the whole world.While asking me to look another side,he kissed my forehead.Sometimes you can’t express your feelings in words and you’re left with a smile in moist eyes! He was sleeping a few moments after that and i was still lying my head on his chest.His hands were covering my head.I kept staring at his face the whole time.The time when you look at your love in between the moments of making love is just the time when you find him more adorable.It is beyond my words to explain about him.He is adorable.He is amazing in his own way.But I just can’t even tell him anymore!

He smiled when he looked me staring at him.He was little unconscious.He was in deep sleep.Then he opened his eyes and lifted me up.My eyes were getting closed as i was going close to his warm breath.He just gave me a silent look and touched my lips with his fingers.The two hearts had joined marathon in few microseconds.A silence in the room was making the dark room more romantic.All what audible was breaths.The breaths that were more louder than a alarm that wakes you up from deep sleep.

Eyes got closed.His lips hugged mine.We were close to each other in a way that even air couldn’t pass through.A kiss that lasted for about 5 minutes.His taste was what i loved more than kheer! A sudden kiss had forced us to smile.He was smiling and his dizzy eyes were making me fall in love with that moment.He slept again and my heart was singing the song which i always dedicate to him-

“Baby you light up my world like nobody else

The way you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed

but when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell

You don’t know you’re beautiful !

If only you saw what I can see

You’ll understand why I want you so desperately

You don’t know oh ohh

You don’t know you’re beautiful !”

And then I started to utter something.The thing which is still in my mind.I still want to tell him when he will listen,when he will understand.My fingers were running across his hairs.”I know you don’t like talking to me sometimes.But It’s okay.I know you don’t want to share your silence.I know you don’t want to explain the things.I know things break you down sometimes.But I’m always there. I’ve stopped texting you,just so I don’t want to annoy you. Bacha, but I’m just a call away whenever you feel down.I am just behind you to catch you when you feel like falling.I just wait for you all the way.But just if you want to let me in!”

Meanwhile my heart was beating like someone is knocking at the door.It was in actual a door knock.It was 8 AM and I was late for my first day of summer training.I woke up and then again my head was so heavy after realizing that it was a dream.AGAIN! I picked up my phone and checked.He still hasn’t seen my messages.

I am sorry but I told you ‘If only you saw what I can see,You’ll understand why I want you so desperately!’.He is not there with me when I need him but I can feel his presence in my dreams.And this night,there is a question,should I sleep or not? because my mind needs a rest now!




10 thoughts on “Presence

  1. Beautiful…the sensibility and the authenticity of the emotions expressed through your words are impressive. Your article touched my heart…Thank you for your courage and generosity to share your talent with the world! And thank you for following my blog, I’m honored beyond words!

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