Foreign Fantasy

​I know you are tired. I know you don’t need me anymore. I know you don’t feel anything. 

I know you are searching for silver waves in a moon less night. 

Have you ever felt that sour throat after crying with dry eyes? That wrenching of heart? That’s the thing about hearts, they Always come under the heaviest rocks and are ripped into pieces by the sharpest knives.

I want to hear the things you are scared to tell yourself. I want to feel the laughs which are even more happier when you are with me. I want to cry and wipe all the sadness along with the tears rather than having that sour throat. I want the send you the texts which I type with all my heart and press backspace because I don’t want you to know how bad it feels when you give someone the good taste of lips and then sprinkle salt over the bite you give on them with your teeth.

You are not a bird trapped in a cage. You are a bird with broken wings. And with broken wings, you can fly the highest. Like a tree standing alone in the desert with all its greenery and not losing the hope to feel the droplets of the rain.

It’s funny when the dreams you spent sleepless nights dwelling on become a foreign fantasy in some strange land.


16 thoughts on “Foreign Fantasy

      1. Owe that so sweet of u….Iam glad u liked my post and shared your views I am very thankful to u for being so cordial and kind on me…love ur comments… I am happy for the fact that brought smile on ur face… Many thanx…… Please do share ur views on other posts of mine of both the sites….

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  1. We’ve all felt heartbroken,lost and miserable at some point in life. What we must learn is there is way more to life than these bad feelings and bad days. We must live with vigour and zeal for the happy days to come. You’ve done a great motivating job. Great read😊

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