Life is all about choices. Some choose happiness over sorrows and some choose truth over lies. The one can choose happiness to spend this life, and to make this life happy, they choose some lies for their own satisfaction. Some lies that can help to escape the reality.

There are situations in one’s life, when he chooses negativity to run his life. This negativity is more about ruining other’s life, walking through wrong paths and so on. The  life is like healthy sleep, doctor advises you to not using any pillows, but you are bound to yourcozylife. Even he knows that the end is always bad for a bad, still he keeps on saying lies to himself. The lies of getting good out of something bad.

Some choose these lies to live the present, to live the best out of their life, to see some positivity in their negative life. Even when they know things are never going to work in their favor, they still have hopes and that courage of saying,’I Know, I’ll get it next time’. And trust me, there are few of this kind, who know how to spread the real smiles. When there is less food in plate and a wide smile saying,’One day, I’ll be having food in a 5 star hotel’, this takes courage and many of us on this earth are cowards.

These lies give more pleasure than the painful truths. Whether not permanent, one has to face the reality one day. But to make our dreams come true, we have to face some truths and accept some lies.

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