Warm hugs 

It’s okay if you woke up at 9 on New year’s morning, just like others days. You are not in the mood to take a bath and freshen up your body.

You have no plans to go out and have fun with your friends and you want to sit in your cosy blanket just to watch your favourite movies.
It is perfectly fine if you are wearing a messy bun and haven’t trimmed your hair off to make a perfect hairdo.
Life will still be good if you have no “NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS”, you have no new targets to achieve, no new determinations for ‘so called’ “NEW YEAR, NEW LIFE”. Everyone is done with sending new year wishes but truly saying, no one is actually happy in their lives. Someone is busy with their work, someone is tired of fake smiles, others are getting rid of ‘no worth’ relationships and the list will be going on and on.
Out of them, some are actually happy, the ones who are happy to see others’ smiling. The ones who really know how to keep others happy, like I say, who knows how to dance in the fire.
Let’s get focused to ourself. You don’t need any particular day to begin your life’s motto. When you will start, your heart and hard work will put into an end. Spread smiles. Live happily. Help others. This time, help mother nature too. Give warm hugs to the cool shades during summers. Offer a shot of ‘wotah’ to birds. Plant more trees.
Believe in God, it is always in His hands to put everything into good sake of us. Trust yourself to make every day memorable.


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