“Don’t spoil my big day. Stop this drama.” He shouted at me while throwing me away.

“I don’t want you to be someone else’s.” My sobbing heart replied.

It was just two months after my mother’s death and my father was going to marry another lady. She was of course not like my mother. But my father was my father only, still he was not behaving like one.

I was just 13 when my mother kissed my forehead for the last time. Everyday after coming from school, I used to hug her. The warm hands used to titillate my scalp, to make me feel relaxed. All that glimpse was going through my mind. Being the single child, I was a pampered child. Mom, dad, me and grandfather were living a happy life and then my mother left us crying.

My opinion was not under consideration as I was considered as a small child. All the rituals were being performed at my house. A little girl with empty stomach from last two days was standing in a corner and crying badly. Her eyes were on the main gate waiting for a person to come and say,”Baby, I’m here, in front of you.” Her ears were starving to hear her mother’s voice. She wanted her father to listen to her. But no one asked her what was she feeling. It was like a Inscrutablemoment, she wanted this to tell everyone but was unable to.

The wedding day was about to end but my heart was still reckless. I was not ready to accept anyone else at my mother’s place. My father had no care for me. He was happily married now. He didn’t talk to me as I was crying and creating a ‘drama’.

“Don’t shout at her. Do you even know she hasn’t eaten anything since last three days?” My aunt tried to talk to my father.

“Let her die. If she is not happy with happiness, I don’t need her either.” The words shook my heart.

I slept crying.

A lady was standing with a sad face at bakery in the nightmare. She was asking the owner to pack 2-3 cakes.

“Listen dear! Pack this pudding also, it’s her favorite. My baby hasn’t eaten anything from last three days.” She asked the owner with her eyes filled with water.

Next morning, I woke up with my tummy full. My mother had fed me. My stomach and soul were full with love. I was able to feel her hand titillating my hair. I was no more crying, the warmth and love of her soul were making me strong enough to smile.

Mother is the best thing that you have guys. Respect her emotions. Love her. It was a real incident and I just put that into words. You never know how many times her blessings might have saved you. Hold the moments when they are in your hands. Time flies, make it worth.


9 thoughts on “Titillate

  1. Such a heart touching story i read just one para it made me read full of it…
    These feelings looks so real it is such as i am around the world where around me its happening in front of me…. Adorable

    Liked by 1 person

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