It was the end of December. Chilling winters were freezing the bones. Even a lot of warm clothes were not enough to keep the body warm. On the other side of a railway station, a little boy was waiting for his mother to come. All in rags, he was playing on the footpath. Unaware of the hunger, a smile was there on his face. There were no luxuries to simplifytheir hard situations, 2 stomachs without food, 2 shivering bodies without the blanket and their little family with no source of income.

His mother came, holding some pieces of cardboard in her hands.

“Come here son, It’s time to sleep.” His mother called him.

She dispersed the cardboard pieces on the ground and laid over it. The little boy came and hugged her while lying beside his mother.

After a moment of silence, the little one said,”Ahh! It would be so hard to survive in this chilling cold for those who don’t have these cardboard pieces, right mother!”


Whenever I see myself in hard times, this story always reminds me to smile. I have read it when I was just 7 and still inspires me to stay happy with what I have.


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