Since so many days, my mind is struggling with a question which might be so simple for others but a complete tragedy for me.

This question struck me about two weeks ago,

‘How well do you know yourself?’

It is so easy to judge others. But is it easy to judge your own self? Why does it hurt so much when someone points you out for the thing that you are not ready to accept.

How do your tears define you?

Are you sensitive? Are you afraid to lose your closed ones? Are you an overthinker? Do little things in life make you cry?  and people out there call you ‘WEAK’ just because of those few drops of tears.

Darling, just don’t judge the strength of a person on the basis of his/her tears. You have no idea what the other person is going through. How strong he would have been to handle all the problems!

Just don’t be afraid of your feelings. Nothing is permanent in life. Nobody is permanent in your life. People change and so do you. Sometimes it’s hard to live without the ones you love but accept it, nobody stays in your life except your family.

As they say, Action speaks, Words don’t. Life a happy life. Let the worries go. Let your dreams fly. Let the people go. LIfe will be so peaceful when you enjoy your own company.



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