Hauling the love

It was the same time after a year. They were at the same place under the same sky. This time there was no boundary between them. It was only the love which was restricting them to look into each other’s eyes.

He was standing three steps away from her. She stepped back and fixed an angle from where she could see him. She knew there is something with this guy’s smile. The smile which is very rare to see, which hides a million of mysteries under it. The person who smiles like this has a lot of unshed tears. She wanted to live that smile with him. That evening, she contacted him and they started talking.

He was the person who meant the most to her after a few months. They used to stay together the whole day, used to eat together and even those “late night chats”. They were not into a relationship but their relation didn’t require any definition. Time got passed and they started talking less. Even after miles of distance, they had their feelings attached. The craving for meeting each other was still the same.

A year passed and a lot of things had been changed. They were in front of each other but with a whole different feeling. This time, there was no fear of getting separated. Both of them knew that the love and understanding for each other will always remain the same. They hugged each other while leaving and smiled.

She went back to her room and slept. The night was calm for the first time.

‘Zaruri tha teri rooh se milna,

ehsas nahi hota warna berukh zindagi ki khushion ka’




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