“Do you know how does a girl feel when someone touch her?” She asked while offering him the tea.

“Ofcourse she would be feeling romantic with those sensational touches!” He replied.

“What if somebody touches her soul?”

He started looking into her eyes. Her question had made him speechless.

“I…I don’t know, she might faaa..fall in love, I guess!” His mumbled.

“…and what if that touch had made her a lost soul with broken pieces?”

…the naked body, which she had never shown to anybody else. The scars on that body, which you covered with your bare hands. The beauty which only you had seen, the beauty which you always wanted to be left uncovered. The presence of hairs on her body were not making any hurdle to run your fingers on her soft skin.

When her pain was the pleasure of the moment. The two bodies were not allowing the air to cross. The taste of lips was enough to meet the need to thirst. When you were worried for her mood. A care was all what you were offering her. The constant little kisses on her lips were satisfying the need of food for her. Those lovebites had marked the initials of your love. When you were close to each other, far from the eyes of sky, in the dark aura with the sweet smell of your bodies.

The little secret which you never wanted to be exposed. Where your love left partial, here was the moment when you touched her soul.

“…and leaving her without saying a goodbye make her a broken piece of glass with sharp edges and then she cuts everyother touch because she never wants to feel the same.” He said without looking at her and left the nightmare. She woke up and sighed. It was the same day a year ago! It was the same feeling she had felt when he left back then.


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