Unsaid Goodbyes

Life is a journey and we all are just travellers here. The journey where we meet a lot of new people and come close to some. Do you really remember the times when you meet them? The times between saying a Hello and then a Goodbye! The journey between these two words might be short but definitely, it gives you a lot of memories.

The happy moments after your first hello and the sad moments close to a goodbye are worth to remember. Some goodbyes really break you, as you are not expecting them to happen. The happiness comes faster than you realise and the pain of farewell leaves slowly.

The most heartbreaking are the unsaid goodbyes. Where you don’t see the person going but they leave you when you need them the most, even when they know that there is no better company than them to you. You wait for them to turn over, but they go far, far away. Here standing at the same point, waiting for them is not a good option. Remember, life doesn’t stop. Whether you need them the most or they are only ones with whom you can share your feelings, love, sorrows. Just remind your own self that there is no better company than your own self. You have to take care of yourself, build your confidence again and walk on the path again. It really doesn’t matter who has left the path even when it is eating your soul. You just have to look up, see the shining stars and smile.

It breaks my heart when I hear about the car accidents. We have no idea which minute is going to be the last minute of our life. We leave our homes to roam around. But who knows where our fate is taking us to!

There is no greater appreciation than moving on with wounds open. People will come again to help you to walk. But you should be able enough to pour salt on your own wounds so that nobody else can.

“Patjarh me jo phool murjha jatey hain,

wo bahaaron k anne se khilte nahin.

Kuch log jo ik roz bichad jatey hain,

wo haazaaron k anne se milte nahin.

ik baar chle jatey hai jo din-raat-subh-sham,

wo phir nahi aatey.”

I know, you can never replace the people who are gone. But, you can teach yourself how to live without them. Life is a journey and we are not going to live here forever. So, learn to let go and smile even with tears in your eyes.


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