What it takes to…

What do you think about being judged?

The judgment which is based on your nature. The way you behave with others.

How do you feel when people judge you on the basis of your sexual desires?

When you think you are more approachable! When it becomes the reason for most of the boys to talk to you in any sense. The way their talks changes into sex-chats and they say whatever they want to say. It seems like you have no feelings, no self-respect and you can be used anytime, in any sense according to their mood, leisure and time.

This happens when they get to know that you are cool with the stuff. You think it’s fine with your closed ones, but sometimes(*mostly) it’s not. You are taken for granted. People do think that being so frank and open-minded will help to get laid on the bed easily. Then this leads to the breaking of bonds, you lose your friends.

How about helping someone?

Sometimes helping someone leads to the biggest problems in your own life. In order to take care of others, you lose your worth. Where is the problem? The people? You? Situations? Emotions? Ego? Revenge?

Oh! Back bitching is the thing we all hate the most. What if you break your relations because of a third person?

We all hear rumours about ourselves almost daily. The thing which makes us feel bad is when our own friends believe in them and judge us. Things may break your heart, you may feel overstressed, overthinking is obvious. What happens next? You stop talking! You start ignoring! You start avoiding! The best ones of your life become one of the lost friends.

A lot of things hurt us. We all face issues. But Life goes on. The milestones change sometimes but the road of the journey of life remains the same.

I wonder, What it takes to judge others? And…. what else does it take to judge our own self!

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