Since so many days, my mind is struggling with a question which might be so simple for others but a complete tragedy for me.

This question struck me about two weeks ago,

‘How well do you know yourself?’

It is so easy to judge others. But is it easy to judge your own self? Why does it hurt so much when someone points you out for the thing that you are not ready to accept.

How do your tears define you?

Are you sensitive? Are you afraid to lose your closed ones? Are you an overthinker? Do little things in life make you cry?  and people out there call you ‘WEAK’ just because of those few drops of tears.

Darling, just don’t judge the strength of a person on the basis of his/her tears. You have no idea what the other person is going through. How strong he would have been to handle all the problems!

Just don’t be afraid of your feelings. Nothing is permanent in life. Nobody is permanent in your life. People change and so do you. Sometimes it’s hard to live without the ones you love but accept it, nobody stays in your life except your family.

As they say, Action speaks, Words don’t. Life a happy life. Let the worries go. Let your dreams fly. Let the people go. LIfe will be so peaceful when you enjoy your own company.




It was the end of December. Chilling winters were freezing the bones. Even a lot of warm clothes were not enough to keep the body warm. On the other side of a railway station, a little boy was waiting for his mother to come. All in rags, he was playing on the footpath. Unaware of the hunger, a smile was there on his face. There were no luxuries to simplifytheir hard situations, 2 stomachs without food, 2 shivering bodies without the blanket and their little family with no source of income.

His mother came, holding some pieces of cardboard in her hands.

“Come here son, It’s time to sleep.” His mother called him.

She dispersed the cardboard pieces on the ground and laid over it. The little boy came and hugged her while lying beside his mother.

After a moment of silence, the little one said,”Ahh! It would be so hard to survive in this chilling cold for those who don’t have these cardboard pieces, right mother!”


Whenever I see myself in hard times, this story always reminds me to smile. I have read it when I was just 7 and still inspires me to stay happy with what I have.


“Don’t spoil my big day. Stop this drama.” He shouted at me while throwing me away.

“I don’t want you to be someone else’s.” My sobbing heart replied.

It was just two months after my mother’s death and my father was going to marry another lady. She was of course not like my mother. But my father was my father only, still he was not behaving like one.

I was just 13 when my mother kissed my forehead for the last time. Everyday after coming from school, I used to hug her. The warm hands used to titillate my scalp, to make me feel relaxed. All that glimpse was going through my mind. Being the single child, I was a pampered child. Mom, dad, me and grandfather were living a happy life and then my mother left us crying.

My opinion was not under consideration as I was considered as a small child. All the rituals were being performed at my house. A little girl with empty stomach from last two days was standing in a corner and crying badly. Her eyes were on the main gate waiting for a person to come and say,”Baby, I’m here, in front of you.” Her ears were starving to hear her mother’s voice. She wanted her father to listen to her. But no one asked her what was she feeling. It was like a Inscrutablemoment, she wanted this to tell everyone but was unable to.

The wedding day was about to end but my heart was still reckless. I was not ready to accept anyone else at my mother’s place. My father had no care for me. He was happily married now. He didn’t talk to me as I was crying and creating a ‘drama’.

“Don’t shout at her. Do you even know she hasn’t eaten anything since last three days?” My aunt tried to talk to my father.

“Let her die. If she is not happy with happiness, I don’t need her either.” The words shook my heart.

I slept crying.

A lady was standing with a sad face at bakery in the nightmare. She was asking the owner to pack 2-3 cakes.

“Listen dear! Pack this pudding also, it’s her favorite. My baby hasn’t eaten anything from last three days.” She asked the owner with her eyes filled with water.

Next morning, I woke up with my tummy full. My mother had fed me. My stomach and soul were full with love. I was able her hand titillating my hair. I was no more crying, the warmth and love of her soul were making me strong enough to smile.

Mother is the best thing that you have guys. Respect her emotions. Love her. It was a real incident and I just put that into words. You never know how many times her blessings might have saved you. Hold the moments when they are in your hands. Time flies, make it worth.

Warm hugs 

It’s okay if you woke up at 9 on New year’s morning, just like others days. You are not in the mood to take a bath and freshen up your body.

You have no plans to go out and have fun with your friends and you want to sit in your cosy blanket just to watch your favourite movies.
It is perfectly fine if you are wearing a messy bun and haven’t trimmed your hair off to make a perfect hairdo.
Life will still be good if you have no “NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS”, you have no new targets to achieve, no new determinations for ‘so called’ “NEW YEAR, NEW LIFE”. Everyone is done with sending new year wishes but truly saying, no one is actually happy in their lives. Someone is busy with their work, someone is tired of fake smiles, others are getting rid of ‘no worth’ relationships and the list will be going on and on.
Out of them, some are actually happy, the ones who are happy to see others’ smiling. The ones who really know how to keep others happy, like I say, who knows how to dance in the fire.
Let’s get focused to ourself. You don’t need any particular day to begin your life’s motto. When you will start, your heart and hard work will put into an end. Spread smiles. Live happily. Help others. This time, help mother nature too. Give warm hugs to the cool shades during summers. Offer a shot of ‘wotah’ to birds. Plant more trees.
Believe in God, it is always in His hands to put everything into good sake of us. Trust yourself to make every day memorable.


The fire that burns the souls,
Destroys the happiness,
From the spark of hate,
A fire of violence, fights.
Have you ever danced in the fire?
With a sword of smile,
With the spark of hopes!


Life is all about choices. Some choose happiness over sorrows and some choose truth over lies. The one can choose happiness to spend this life, and to make this life happy, they choose some lies for their own satisfaction. Some lies that can help to escape the reality.

There are situations in one’s life, when he chooses negativity to run his life. This negativity is more about ruining other’s life, walking through wrong paths and so on. The  life is like healthy sleep, doctor advises you to not using any pillows, but you are bound to yourcozylife. Even he knows that the end is always bad for a bad, still he keeps on saying lies to himself. The lies of getting good out of something bad.

Some choose these lies to live the present, to live the best out of their life, to see some positivity in their negative life. Even when they know things are never going to work in their favor, they still have hopes and that courage of saying,’I Know, I’ll get it next time’. And trust me, there are few of this kind, who know how to spread the real smiles. When there is less food in plate and a wide smile saying,’One day, I’ll be having food in a 5 star hotel’, this takes courage and many of us on this earth are cowards.

These lies give more pleasure than the painful truths. Whether not permanent, one has to face the reality one day. But to make our dreams come true, we have to face some truths and accept some lies.

A Morning

What if, I wake up one morning, in your arms! Holding your masculine back, opening my eyes to the dark room with our bright light of passion. Your closed eyes would see me smiling while touching you.

What if, you starve me until I taste your lips! You would do things to my body and the excitement would be on the edge. Your fingers rolling in my hair and admiring the essence of our love.

What if, you start loving me one morning! Forgetting the universe, covering my body with the sheet of love after having a night of nudity and madness.

What if, we fulfill our bodies desires with no regret! Take risks, bringing our wild fantasies to life. Because an OOPS! is better than WHAT IF!



Why are you going away from yourself?
Why you don’t want to talk to yourself?
Why are you denying to accept the truth?
Just because you are broken one more time?
Just because you don’t want to trust yourself again to trust anybody else?
Just because you are tired?
… tired of loving them, caring even if they are gone, worried for their good and bad, not accepting anyone else other than them.
Just because you have closed the door of  your world, the world you had created by your own, around them. And you don’t want any body to be there anymore.
Just because you want to feed yourself with the loneliness, just like the night feeds the darkness.
What are you afraid of?
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I am a virgin. Even after spending my nights riding 300 different men. They have touched my body, grabbed my muscles. I have tasted them. Their bodies are hot but not enough to melt my cold body.

The stain of blood after breaking of my hymen, on my clothes is still there. So as the stains on my soul. People come and go, stay with me, touch me, eat me, but never try to chase me, like death chases life.

The giant bodies come, grab my waist, walk with me. I don’t feel those creepy smiles. I want a soul to come, hold me from the back, give me a hug and walk along with me holding hands. When they look into my eyes, they snatch the beauty out of me. I want him to look into my soul through my eyes. When they attack my body, I want him to come and cover my naked soul. Instead of sucking my lips, I need a warm forehead kiss. I need a person who doesn’t need any explanations, a smile should be enough to describe my mood.

They ask me to delay my periods. All I need is someone who would not be ashamed of handling me during my “those days”, who come and cuddle with me, hold my hand during pain. The one who is okay with my pale skin rather than asking me like others to hide my dullness under the makeup. The one who should offer me a cup of tea instead of wine.

They undress me to see the naked body of me. Then they attack like hungry wolves. I can’t even feel those sensations. The pain is real but my body doesn’t respond to it. My excretory glands feel dry like my soul.  Their muscular bodies don’t leave any impact on me. They feel satisfied after ripping off my body. But my body is not satisfied yet. Its soul needs the food. It still needs to be satisfied.

I want someone who would make me a book to read. I don’t want the book of my life to be burnt into ashes again and again. I want someone to put this agony to an end and make my soul satisfied. I want him to lay me down on the bed and kiss my soul. I want him to make me a  lady. The one who can touch my soul is allowed to break my virginity.

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Me v/s you

His words are beautiful

But not like your silence

His laugh is charming
But not like your smile

His hairs are similar
But not overwhelming like yours

He ignites my mood
But that spark is missing

He makes me laugh
But I want to feel the smile given by you

He is with me
But I want to hold your hand

He spends the whole day with me
But I want to see the sunsets sitting beside you

He wants to hold my hand
But I still want to touch your soul

He is with me in my ups and downs
But I want to hug you when my heart feels heavy

I know you will never be mine,
And I can’t accept giving myself to anyone else when I’ve given my soul to you!

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