A Morning

What if, I wake up one morning, in your arms! Holding your masculine back, opening my eyes to the dark room with our bright light of passion. Your closed eyes would see me smiling while touching you.

What if, you starve me until I taste your lips! You would do things to my body and the excitement would be on the edge. Your fingers rolling in my hair and admiring the essence of our love.

What if, you start loving me one morning! Forgetting the universe, covering my body with the sheet of love after having a night of nudity and madness.

What if, we fulfill our bodies desires with no regret! Take risks, bringing our wild fantasies to life. Because an OOPS! is better than WHAT IF!




Why are you going away from yourself?
Why you don’t want to talk to yourself?
Why are you denying to accept the truth?
Just because you are broken one more time?
Just because you don’t want to trust yourself again to trust anybody else?
Just because you are tired?
… tired of loving them, caring even if they are gone, worried for their good and bad, not accepting anyone else other than them.
Just because you have closed the door of  your world, the world you had created by your own, around them. And you don’t want any body to be there anymore.
Just because you want to feed yourself with the loneliness, just like the night feeds the darkness.
What are you afraid of?
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I am a virgin. Even after spending my nights riding 300 different men. They have touched my body, grabbed my muscles. I have tasted them. Their bodies are hot but not enough to melt my cold body.

The stain of blood after breaking of my hymen, on my clothes is still there. So as the stains on my soul. People come and go, stay with me, touch me, eat me, but never try to chase me, like death chases life.

The giant bodies come, grab my waist, walk with me. I don’t feel those creepy smiles. I want a soul to come, hold me from the back, give me a hug and walk along with me holding hands. When they look into my eyes, they snatch the beauty out of me. I want him to look into my soul through my eyes. When they attack my body, I want him to come and cover my naked soul. Instead of sucking my lips, I need a warm forehead kiss. I need a person who doesn’t need any explanations, a smile should be enough to describe my mood.

They ask me to delay my periods. All I need is someone who would not be ashamed of handling me during my “those days”, who come and cuddle with me, hold my hand during pain. The one who is okay with my pale skin rather than asking me like others to hide my dullness under the makeup. The one who should offer me a cup of tea instead of wine.

They undress me to see the naked body of me. Then they attack like hungry wolves. I can’t even feel those sensations. The pain is real but my body doesn’t respond to it. My excretory glands feel dry like my soul.  Their muscular bodies don’t leave any impact on me. They feel satisfied after ripping off my body. But my body is not satisfied yet. Its soul needs the food. It still needs to be satisfied.

I want someone who would make me a book to read. I don’t want the book of my life to be burnt into ashes again and again. I want someone to put this agony to an end and make my soul satisfied. I want him to lay me down on the bed and kiss my soul. I want him to make me a  lady. The one who can touch my soul is allowed to break my virginity.

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Me v/s you

His words are beautiful

But not like your silence

His laugh is charming
But not like your smile

His hairs are similar
But not overwhelming like yours

He ignites my mood
But that spark is missing

He makes me laugh
But I want to feel the smile given by you

He is with me
But I want to hold your hand

He spends the whole day with me
But I want to see the sunsets sitting beside you

He wants to hold my hand
But I still want to touch your soul

He is with me in my ups and downs
But I want to hug you when my heart feels heavy

I know you will never be mine,
And I can’t accept giving myself to anyone else when I’ve given my soul to you!

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Black coffee

Don’t add sugar,

Try to taste the sweetness of cocco beans!

Don’t just drink it,
Enjoy it slowly up to your veins!

Don’t miss to feel,
Breakdowns are what it can heal!

Don’t forget to taste the memories,
It can help you to forget the miseries! 


It was a heavy snowfall. I was unable to go to my home on my own after the work shift. I thought of calling him. At the same time, my phone rang. His name forced me to smile. He told me that he was coming to pick me up. Within 10 minutes he was there and I sat on the front seat. A formal hug of welcome and we were on the way to my home. We both were tired after the work and were enjoying soft music. Suddenly we met with a terrific storm of snow. He parked the car on the roadside and turned the engine off. I held his hand and asked about his day.

“I missed you the whole day”, he replied.

I turned my face and looked at him. His eyes were in deep love. I could feel his hand on my thighs. The fingers of his hand were rolling in my hair. I love his warm hands rolling over my body. I kissed his hand while holding it tight. He asked me about the days. “I am facing some problems with my menstrual cycle. My mother has sent me some medicine through the parcel.” He kissed my forehead and held me tightly in his arms. I have no idea when we both started kissing each other. Feeling his breath and reading his lips was my favorite thing. We kissed each other passionately. Then he stopped and said,”let’s go home.” He managed to drive in the snow and we were home in next few minutes.
A loud noise of closing the door and a loud noise of breath was all that I could understand. He was leaning over my body and was teasing my lips. A soft nibble on my ear forced me to moan.
“Aah! Damn.”
“What’s up baby? Umm! What are you feeling?”
A small bite over my lower lip made me wet. I grabbed his waist toward mine and held his face in both my hands. He lifted me up and pushed me against the wall. He is too bad. He loves to make me crave for the make on.
“Let’s go inside.”
He said this and lifted me up in his both arms and changed his way from the bedroom to kitchen. I told him to not to throw me down on the floor.
“No, darling. It will be the sink, not the floor.”
He said this and immediately threw me off in the sink and turned the water on. I was screaming. He was laughing with a horny face. I was unable to get out of it. I was wearing an off-shoulder shirt. He stopped smiling and came close to me. He started licking my shoulder and gave me a love bite. He was crazy. Then he again lifted me up and help me to sit on the shelf. He started licking my lips. The rolling of the tongue over my lower lip was so refreshing. His hands moved from my face to my breasts. His eyes got widen up when he felt them. He started sucking my lips with his’ and the juicy tongue was adding a pinch in this. I was so busy in tasting his lips that I had forgotten that my clothes are completely wet. A lip-lock is always the best part.
It was getting out of control. He stopped kissing me and I asked,”just tell me the color of my bra-let.” While saying this I started running. He was trying to catch me. But I was running here and there like a blind bird. My clothes were completely wet and I was about to slip on the floor. And then I fell down.
“Aaaaaaaahhh! Mammah! This hurts !”
“Not more than the pain what I am about to give you miss black bra-let.”
He lifted me up, went to the room and threw me on the bed. Locked the gate and started removing my clothes. My shirt was not there on my body within next few minutes. He was at my back now. Slowly he kissed my back. Then turning toward my neck, he came in the front and started squeezing my breasts. His lips kissed mine. All of sudden there was no cloth over my body. My bare body was feeling like standing in a volcano. I removed his shirt and started kissing his chest. He is hot as hell let me tell you. His hands rolled down and touched my clit. I was so in love with the moment. After a blink, all that I could see was his face in between my legs. It was so arousing. He got up and my hands moved toward his penis. I got so excited when I felt that. I could feel the smells even now. I loved it. I turned and lifted my butt a bit. He asked me to hold the bed. I held the bed so tight and then It was the moment of pain. He suddenly stopped and turned me toward him. He laid his body over mine and kissed my lips. “I love you so much, princess.” I smiled and kissed him back. “Are you ready?” “Just go for it.” He locked my lips with his and started pushing his thing into mine. It was so painful in the first and he was doing it so slowly.” Are you fine Babylove?” “Hmm” and a painful smile allowed him to go further. He was now doing it faster. I started moaning. He was loving his. His fast breaths were so damn sexy. He changed his position and mine too. I was on my belly now and my butt was lifted up. He was so turned on. We did this until we cum.
He was all mine now. The weather had made this possible. He had started loving me so much. Watching movies and staying at his home on every weekend was my routine.
I was suffering from menstrual problems. So skipping of periods was a usual thing. We had protected sex after that for many times. Last time, we did it without having any safety. And after that, my periods got skipped again. He forced me to use a pregnancy kit just to make sure that we are safe.
He left for the work and it was an off for me. I tested for my pregnancy and it gave me positive results. I started crying and called him. He was so damn excited that he is able to become a father. He immediately came and kissed me and made me sure that everything is gonna be fine. We went to the doctor to terminate as I was not able to take the baby now. The doctor examined my body and told that it is safe and you can go for abortion. She told us that it is just a 10-20 days pregnancy which is easy to terminate. We both were feeling relaxed and took the appointment date. It was coming Friday.
On Friday, we both were there at the clinic on time and the doctor called my name. I was in and he was with me. The doctor knew that we are not married yet. She started the process. It was a normal process of abortion using an injection. She started scanning the belly and asked me to close my eyes. Side by side she was giving me an injection. As it hurts, I opened my eyes suddenly and had a look at the screen. It was showing a well-growing baby of 7 weeks with little limb projections over the body. I was in shock. Tears roll down my cheeks. The baby was too little to see. The little eyes were not open yet. It was attached to my body. The injection had started working on my body and I started feeling severe pain. The doctor suggested me to take rest for some time. I was bleeding within 10 minutes.
We went home. Both turned their faces from each other with a guilt and cried. I was our baby and a part of my body. Nobody knows about this. But God knows!

Versatile Blogger Award

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♡I am so thankful to my Dear friend Bhavana

I must tell you she is so inspiring and hardworking. She writes so beautifuly and the creativity in her blogs is very nice. I appreciate her work from my heart. I wonder how she manages her time and do so well even being a mother of 3 kids. You guys should visit her blog once.

And a special thanks to my another friend Disha

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I am feeling so excited while writing this.😋. This is my second nomination and I appreciate this so much as it encourages everyone to write and share their views. I am not very active blogger still this reward means a lot, a lot to me.

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•I am so lazy sometimes. I sit,eat and sleep. I am so lazy to comb my hair on any holiday. I never do.

•I am so moody. When it’s the thing to mood swings, I am always high.

•I feel irritated all the time. Even at very small things, i get irritated and then get angry on myself.

•I feel I’m strong. I’ve learnt to smile in the hard times.

•I guess I can adjust with the surroundings.  I won’t complaint about the things even if they are wrenching my heart.

•I love my friends so damn much. I will prefer my friends over my boyfriend (when it will happen, ‘probably in dreams’😅) to hangout. More than my friends, I love my family❤.

what else?

•I believe in myself. That’s my biggest strength.

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Life is so beautiful and we are so busy in our lives. We do not enjoy it at it’s best. Life happens and everyone gets busy with the responsibilities and collecting money. We forget to count stars while counting dollars. As they say, when we have energy, we don’t have time and when we have time, we are no one more left with energy.
Everyone has to grow old. Getting old means lacking energy, time and missing company of your loved ones. Some will get old earlier than you. And there are some who don’t get old. They are ones who always feel young and enjoy their life. And there are some who don’t get old because they say goodbye to their life in between the journey.

Some of them are so close to you and have given you the best of the memories. When the moment you hear the sudden breaking away, It is unbelievable to accept this. You miss the person, you miss the bitter sweet memories. Then you think, I wish I could have spent more time with them! But in reality, when you had time, you were busy in your life, your problems, the imaginary burdens you had created by your own which actually don’t even exist!

What If the person you love the most is out of your reach one day? You want to talk to him badly but you don’t have his phone number. You want to hug him tightly but you don’t have his address. You want to see him but he is no more. No more to listen you, no more to meet you, no more to be with you, no more to fight with you, no more to love you, no more to enjoy his own life, no more to breathe anymore. Just imagine this and feel those goosebumps.

Nobody has seen the thing we call as ‘tomorrow’. We don’t know what is going to happen in the next moment. Love the ones who are with you. Appreciate their presence and their care. Create memories. Enjoy their company. Don’t waste your time thinking about the past and the fights. You are not going to earn anything by keeping the grudges in your heart. Say out the things which you are feeling bad about. Clear out the misunderstandings. Live the moment. Live present. Live today.

If you are going through the breakdowns, don’t let them get over you. Get over the reasons. Say sorry even if it is not your mistake and you want the relations to stay alive. Just initiate a talk to solve the problems until it’s too late. Rekindle the happy moments, the moments you want to live forever. Give someone else the reasons to smile. Know the actual meaning of Live Love and Laugh.

Because someone has said






Be kind for no reason!




He ignored her
and then he left.
She kept waiting for him
To water her roots
When there was no shade
He looked back
Went back and touched
This time he was affected
With the thorns
Hurting him
Who were once leaves
And were soft
Thorns are hard and tough
So is she!


When you feel the distance, you feel his presence but in dreams, you feel his touch but in pain, you smell his body fragrance but you keep on searching for him, you love his smile but don’t feel the happiness, you meet him but don’t feel him, when you feel the warmth but it’s cold inside.

She is a fire everyone says. The girl who deserves the best. She has a golden heart. Everyone say this but not him. All what he has said till now is ,She is the best and he is sorry. She is still struggling to love her life and herself again.

Sometimes silence is loud enough to scream out your frustration. But she has chosen a smile over silence. She smiles when it hurts, she smiles when her heart cries, she smiles when he passes by without talking to her and most importantly she still smiles when you smile. But she is good at hiding things. Whether it is her feelings or his messages that she has saved as a reminder.

This morning she woke up striking her head into the table lying beside her bed because she was again dreaming about him. The moment she lifted her head to lye it down in his lap, her head stroked to the table. And again! She was searching for him.

And for him things doesn’t matter. Again!

Now her head is again revolving around the day she had spent with him. Inside his arms, beside him, looking at his eyes and feeling his breaths. She is still smiling. Not for what he couldn’t understand but for his words saying you still don’t understand !

He really wanted to return her something. This something would be the time she wasted admiring his smile, the moments she stared at his hair, her days and nights thinking about him, her desires and wishes that are still not fulfilled or her lost virginity??

She is heading toward the balcony now. To breathe it out, to say I still miss you, to tell him that it’s hard to pretend to be normal with you, to scream out her pain that she is suffering in her head. But there won’t be anyone, Again!